Functional Fitness Circuit: (Per Person)                                                                       $10

                                                   Pay for 10 get 11                                                               $100

                                              Pay Weekly(Automatic Payment)

                                              Any two trainings in 1 week                                               $18

                                              Unlimited trainings in 1 week                                             $27

                                                    Lump Sum

                                               6 Months Unlimited Trainings                                          $700

                                               12 Months Unlinited Trainings                                         $1350


Bank Account Details:

Second To None         38-9006-0181325-01  (Please use your name as the reference)

Fitness Assesment: Includes all measurements, Body fat%,                                      $25

                                   total body water %, BMI, Physical assesment, Goal setting

Sport Team Trainings:  at second to none                                                                  $POA

                                        at your field/court (KMs dependent)                                        $POA

Small Groups: (First 10 then $5per person after that).                                               $100

One on One: at second to none.    (2 people training together $30 p/p)                      $50

                         2 Trainings a week       (2 people training together $50 p/p)                         $90

                         3 Trainings a week (includes free access to all functional fitness circuits)          $125

                         at your place or a park (KMs dependent)                                               $60

Program design:                                                                                                      POA